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SeedMoney’s Roger Doiron Runs Annual “Crowdgrants” With Detailed Step-By-Step Application Instructions For Farmers

“We run annual "crowdgrants" with detailed step-by-step application instructions here and answers to frequently-asked questions.” - Roger Doiron

Grants Funding for Community Farmers

Roger Doiron, founder of Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI), now known as SeedMoney was founded with the purpose of funding and supporting community farms and food bank gardens around the globe. They have raised just under $1M and helped 1,100 programs from 50 states to just over 30 countries.  The grant awards range from $100- $1,000. If your project qualifies for bonuses and additional funding, your award totals could reach as much as $3600 in grants. 

Their reach is grounded on volunteering and organizing funding for community—and education-based gardens and farms. SeedMoney’s funding opportunities are open to the public around the world. This year, SeedMoney is offering $81,000 through a 30-day crowdfunding program from November 15 to December 15, 2024. They are offering four types of grant programs, all accessible once you enter the SeedMoney Challenge.  Each grant has a specific criterion for the applicant to achieve, including a bonus program for 1 of the approved applicants. 

SeedMoney Challenge

Key Dates For Crowdgrant Submittal 

All applications must be submitted by November 12th, and the program is described here with detailed step-by-step application instructions here and answers to frequently-asked questions here November 15th at noon Eastern, all qualified applications will go live, and you must let your “project supporter” know you have submitted. By December 15th, at noon, the funding challenge period ends, and your campaign will be able to keep whatever it has raised, even if your funding goals haven’t been reached. Although their application must be completed online, they've created a view-only Word version here, which allows applicants to see which questions are included so that they can prepare some of their answers offline.

Community Farming

Strong Start Grants (SSG)  

Strong Start grants are the first of four funding tranches in the series of “crowdgrants.” The first 50 projects will be funded by those who raise the most within the first week of the process. The project that raises the most in the first 24 hours receives an additional $400 bonus from the funding pool. 

Community Farming

Geographic Interest Grants (GIG) 

SeedMoney is offering 70 grants, ranging from $150 to $300, in the State of Maine and developing countries (contact your project supporter for a list of qualified developing countries). No crowdfunding is required for this application. 

Geographic Interest

Strong Finish Grants  

Twenty-three grants with denominations of $100-$500 will be awarded to applicants who raise the most within the last seven days of the campaign. With consideration for first place award at $500, a second-place award at $300, $200 for third place, and $100 for fourth through twenty-third places.

Maine Farming

Challenge Grants 

288 grants will be awarded to projects that rank based on total funding by the end of the 30-day fundraising period.  The First ranked project is eligible to win a $1000 grant, and 2nd wins a $900 grant. 

Maine Farming

For more information on identifying grant and lending resources or effective planning strategies, click the link to ForagingandFarming below! 

Maine Farming

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