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Grant Insights: Grant Award Acceptance Through Project Start-Up

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett

Grant Insights - Foraging and Farming

Grant awards and acceptance require diligent management coordination with bookkeeping, finance, and legal counsel. Each granting agency has its own set of procedures; it is important to coordinate with the grantor and honor time-frames and grant acknowledgments.

Grant Insights - Foraging and Farming

Grant Award Acceptance And Project Start-Up

Upon award, your organization receives a Notification and Acceptance Letter; it is your responsibility to respond with a Letter of Acknowledgement. The Contract should be reviewed by Counsel, fully understanding the Terms and Conditions prior to signing. As you sign the Contract, make sure to provide a Commitment Letter. Some Grantors will require a financial point of contact to ensure transfer details and milestone distribution payment structures are met.

Grant Insights - Foraging and Farming

The start-up includes a project review, final cost, and project timeline review. Once the project layout is agreed upon, a kick-off meeting is scheduled to task each party member with their role and the timing of their participation. Of course, a schedule of meetings with all pertinent details should be included in the project plan. 

Once fully funded, the process of Award Management begins between the farm and agency- The grantor will set up financial transaction details and milestone payment dates taken directly from the Contract.

Award Closeout And Final Case Study

The Award Closeout process occurs after the end of the performance period. This process ensures that the recipient has met all financial and reporting requirements. Taking time to run a post-project meeting and prepare the final Case Study - fully rounds out the project. Sending a final Thank You Letter to the Grantor, with team signatures, is important to keep the relationship alive. Grant funding is an important part of building agricultural programs, with the assistance of organizations seeking to evolve. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the process of building and creating Grant Proposals, Applications, and Project Management.

Grant Insights - Foraging and Farming

For more information on identifying grant resources, proposals, and effective planning strategies, click the link to ForagingandFarming below!

Grant Insights - Foraging and Farming

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