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Grant Insights: Designing A Well-Organized Plan

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” ~ John Wooden, Coach/Leader

Foraging and Farming Design Process

Defining & Designing a good grant plan is a way for business owners or non-profit organizations with a purpose for the greater good to seek funding for well-curated projects to be accomplished. Designing grant plans for your organization and sharing that vision early with the community is key to getting people interested in you and what you provide. The design phase of any good grant plan must articulate where you are as an organization and where you plan to go. 

When selecting a project for your grant proposal, it's important to choose one that not only addresses a specific problem but also has the potential to generate revenue. This dual focus on problem-solving and financial sustainability is a key factor in the design phase of your project, as it showcases the effectiveness and viability of your organization. 

Farming Grants

Designing Your Grant Proposal 

Maybe your project involves an educational pathway, a seed bank, a flour milling operation, or food production; it’s important to have that plan in place when articulating the vision. Designing requires a number of repeatable steps when running the gauntlet with grant proposal design. Begin with analysis; sit down with a blank sheet of paper and sort out what product or service plan can enhance your revenue or solve additional steps in your daily workflow. For there, set your goals for how your new strategy can bring in more revenue and solve inefficiencies for your organization. 

Frame your grant proposal with an action plan focused on having full funding, describing how you will implement this new “thing” or piece of equipment to prove your concept and build a future case study. Make sure to connect with your community grant managers, gleaning all the required details needed in your proposal. Then, you can make the necessary revisions and work toward completing the project plan.  Build an effective plan for your proposal to efficiently articulate the benefits of building out your business to share more and better products with the community. 

Foraging and Farming Design Process

For more information on identifying grant resources, proposals, and effective planning strategies, click the link to ForagingandFarming below! 

Foraging and Farming Design Process

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