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Mycotechnologies: A List of Top Biobased Companies Helping Us To Consume Responsibly

"Mycelium is the neurological network of nature. It's the fungi that create the soil that creates the foundation of life". — Paul Stamets

Mushroom Technologies

January 10th marked the kickoff of BIOFABRICATE’S Paris Summit at the Fondation Fiminco. This event brings together some of the brightest minds in science, design, and industrial technologies. They are seeking one of the most significant paradigm shifts, moving from petroleum-based chemicals toward Biobased and Mycelial solutions. BIOFABRICATE’S Susan Lee, CEO, and Dr. Amy Congdon, Chief Design Officer, are pioneers in the field and have been focused on Biomaterial innovation for over a decade. They have built synergies where design intersects with the environment around us. From San Francisco to New York and Paris, industry leaders are shifting toward Bioderioved compounds and Biosythetics. 

Venture Radar’s Top Mycelial Companies 

Top companies offering innovative product resources are the focus of venture capitalists and angel investors.  There are over 100+ new companies advancing biomaterial manufacturing and development. More companies are creating products like black mycelium to advance scattering radiation and build inflatable structures on Mars, like our friends Red House Studios, engineering mycelial blocks for housing.  Venture companies have developed focus lists, keeping an eye out for mycotechnology solutions in construction; the approach to mitigating waste is already in proof of concept, and some are in total production. Like Ecovative, they are using mycelium in building technologies in Northern California.  Another mycelial company,, is based in Northern Italy; they ramp up their construction-based acoustic tiles and flooring, creating flexible and extensible offices and tiny homes. 

Mushroom Leather

Plant-based protein may or may not be your thing. Still, several companies are taking funding in the realm of $25M-$100M to roll out plant-based proteins for our dinner plates, where companies like Meati Foods and MYCOTechnology, INC. are at the forefront of creating some of the best proteins in our supply chain. Recently, MYCOTechnology, Inc. raised $85M in a Series E Round led by the Oman Investment Authority. 

Mushroom Construction Materials

Agricultural waste will always be a factor in closing the loop on a Circular Business Model. A UK-based company called Magical Mushroom Company.  They have created “Planet Positive Packaging,” a solution to replacing styrofoam for ‘Cold Chain’ purposes. 

Biomaterial Innovators 

Biobased Materials

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