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Fishing Alabama: Wahoo Is On The Menu

"When we fish, we are awake. We are attuned to the environment, to the world, to the reverence and wonder of life." – Dan Baughman

Gulf Shores


Over the years, I traveled to Hawaii on and off to explore each island for its natural wonders and bountiful fish. To Hawaiians, the Ono, or Wahoo fish, symbolizes strength, power, and luck. Fishing requires skills but more luck than skill, at least in my wheelhouse. Especially Wahoo fish, the stealthy ones, which run at about 60mph and are typically found 50 miles off the reef near Orange Beach, where the ledge of the Gulf begins. Most fishermen troll the Gulf for these fascinating.

Wahoo Prepared

Featured Fish - The Wahoo (Ono)

Wahoo fishing season is from late Spring to early Fall in the Gulf of Mexico between Destin, Florida, and Gulf Shores, Alabama. The mackerel-like fish runs offshore at the reef's edge from Orange Beach. They are aggressive and will rip the line with expedience. Fishermen set up a 2-pound lure and troll at 10-20 knots. Commercial and sport fishermen may use a 50-pound class reel attached to 300-pound snap swivels. I am still determining how that setup works, but I have learned that they are fast and travel great distances, up to 2,000 miles.

Wahoo Fish

Cooking fish can be difficult, but when preparing Wahoo, keep it simple. Wahoo is best when pan-seared with avocado oil; an excellent dry rub and chill it quickly. Take it from the pan to a plate, and finally to the fridge. Once cooled, cut it at ¼” against the grain, then mix soy sauce and wasabi and dip with some chopsticks. A lean fish that becomes flaky when cooked; its density compares to chicken.

Wahoo - Ono

Local Restaurants & Fish Markets Serving Wahoo

From Voyagers to Coast Resort, carry some of the best fresh Gulf seafood on the Alabama coastline. This summer, Fresh Off The Boat served an amazing blackened Wahoo, prepared medium rare, and a mango sauce of my choosing - deliciousness! Local fish markets, like Billy’s Seafood in Bon Secour, offer whole and fileted fresh catch of the day if you cook this weekend.

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