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3 Big Moves For Plenty Unlimited, Inc.

“The goal is to arrange the plants in a 3-dimensional space, and to get the most productivity out of that space as possible.” - Nate Storey, Co-Founder of Plenty

Vertical Farming

Hydroponic systems have come a long way, and when co-founder Nate Storey launched his first of many urban farming locations, he chose Laramie, Wyoming, to build and operate the largest plant science research facility near two agri-centric Land Grant universities—Colorado State University and University of Wyoming —both with heavy bio science backgrounds. Three facts showcase Plenty’s ability to ramp up its urban farming presence and revolutionize this new and emerging industry vertical.

Hydroponic Strawberries

First, Nate Storey and his co-founders launched Plenty in 2014 in San Francisco, California - while building advanced hydroponic testing systems in Laramie, Wyoming. 

Second, Plenty planned and successfully launched one of the largest and most advanced vertical farms in Compton, California. They are growing mixed varietals, including greens and berries. 


Third, Nate Storey and his co-founders are in the midst of carving out an East Coast presence in Virginia—harnessed within arms' reach of the nation's capital, more than 20 colleges to tap for top talent, and The Port of Virginia’s Richmond Marine Terminal and its larger coastal facilities in the Hampton Roads region. 

Hydroponic Farming

Plenty aligned with the State of Virginia and Driscoll’s Berries to launch a $300M investment to create more than 300 full-time jobs. The facility has been designed to produce more than 4 million pounds or 2000 tons of strawberries annually. 

If you are interested in Plenty or other hydroponic farms in the U.S., contact your local agricultural cooperative extension office or click the link to Foraging and Farming

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