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Fermentation Friday™ Using Craft Beer to Braise Your Sunday Beef!

"I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate." ~ Julia Child

Lagunitas Stout and SRF Corned Beef Round


Cooking is my passion, and I love to use beer when preparing a more challenging cut of meat. It not only helps with breaking down the tissue, but it also layers in flavors not necessarily addressed during the seasoning process. For me, using a foamy fermented product, like Stout, to build flavor and a sauce for the meat is appealing. Whether cooking in an Instant Pot or Dutch Oven, both can accomplish a tasty meal, I prefer low and slow. Start looking toward your local craft brewer in town; they may manufacture an appealing coffee, cappuccino, and rustic Stout for your Sunday Football meal. Buy and taste a pint, drink it at the pub, and embrace the flavor and tasting notes. After all, once the alcohol cooks off, you are left with the notes of fermented flavors embedded into your beef. Love what you cook with.

Last year, I spent the Fall season in Connecticut with family. I enjoyed cooking with my sister on a Sunday afternoon - visiting local food markets in and around Essex and Old Saybrook. We made paninis with cheese from The Cheese Shop of Centerbrook and enjoyed fresh mozzarella, aged gouda, and other delectable items. Their bread was a great addition to our panini party.

Sunday afternoons are a big deal in my sister’s home, Pickleball, The NFL, and a hearty meal are on point. I offered to cook while visiting and had the opportunity to make some delicious dishes for friends and family.

Selecting Your Cut Of Meat

Purchasing a good cut of meat is essential, and it all depends on you and your family. Buy something you know will be eaten and enjoyed. For some, beef brisket or corned beef, beef short ribs, and chuck roast are good braising options. I prefer using corned beef with a coffee or cappuccino stout. It's well marbled with fat and adapts well in a Dutch oven. In Connecticut, Walt’s Food Market has a vast selection of beef.

Beef Ribs

Sourcing The Craft Brew

Sourcing the Midnight Waves Stout from Myrcene Ale Co. is vital to a delicious short rib. It contains 6.6% ABV, with notes of rustic chocolate and coffee tones. Make some notes as you create your dish, your likes, and dislikes of Stouts and even Ales. If you cannot make it to the brewery, try Bob’s Centerbrook Package Store; they have a wide variety of craft brews, and their staff is knowledgeable about the products they procure for the community. Give them a call, I think they might deliver in the local village.

The Dakotas - A Brewery

Pulling Together A Tasty Sunday Supper

A good brisket or short rib dinner deserves some rustic fall vegetables - roasted in the oven to perfection. Don’t forget a good mashed potato recipe to round it all out. Pulling a meal together with fermented products for our Fall Sunday Supper can begin with beer and beef, its wholistic and heartwarming. It brings together the spirit of Sunday Football, friends and family, and even a good bottle of Red!

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