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Craft Beer Producers In The Great State Of Mississippi - 3 New Brewers In Planning

"Good people drink good beer." - Hunter S. Thompson

Clarksdale MS


The state of Mississippi is rich in the industries of agriculture, mining, fishing, and manufacturing. Mississippi’s top five crops are corn, hay, rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, and pecans. The Magnolia state is home to 82 counties, not to mention talented people like Jim Henson, actor and inventor of The Muppets. Of course, actor and voice artist James Earl Jones starred in movies like Star Wars throughout his career. Shamefully, I never had the opportunity to explore the state until I moved to the South - just over a year ago, while pondering other growth industries, and I stumbled upon a robust beer market.

Today, Mississippi is home to near 20 breweries and growing, with a $269M market capitalization. These local brewers produce over 21,000 barrels of beer each year. In the grand scheme of brewing, they rank 50th. Still, the beer is near and dear to the hearts of the locals—especially craft brewers like Lazy Magnolia, Chandeleur Island, and Southern Prohibition. I researched the Mississippi Brewers and wonder which brewery was first to market. Most of all, who are the brewers coming to market with new product in 2024-25?

Beer Taps

Three Craft Breweries In Planning

There are a handful of breweries in the planning in the trenches, planning to launch. Whether it is building their business plans, choosing a brewery concept, or securing funding for equipment - planning can be understood as "Crossing the Chasm", a good book to read for anyone going into business. In one of the ten stages of launching their baby into fruition, from understanding capital requirements, applying for permits, or building the right beer menu for the place, it takes many months, if not years, of planning to launch. This year, the Brewers Association shared three names of Mississippi breweries in planning. Andrew Telle Household of Starkville, Circle & Square Brewing, LLC in Oxford, and Red Panther Brewing Co., LLC in Clarksdale. All three are in various stages of building their business.

Andrew Telle’s brewing start-up is in process and discovery. Circle & Square Brewing is open for business, and Sumner Abraham, one of the brewery's founders, recently interviewed with The Daily Mississippian in Oxford to share details of their brand significance. Red Panther Brewing is developing its beer menu and brewery launch, keep an eye out for details soon.

Brewing Stainless Tanks

Certifications in Brewing

There are over 30 schools offering certifications, degrees, and even graduate programs of study offered to communities in over ten states. Cornell University offers a 2-week online program in craft brewing, offering 50 hours of professional development (5 CEUs). Western Kentucky University provides brewing and distilling undergraduate and graduate courses. Just over state lines, Auburn University offers a robust brewery science and operations program.


Keep an eye out for more to come!

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