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Catskill Fungi Company Highlights: 3 Farms Navigating The Future of Fungi to New York City Teachers

"Catskill Fungi has a foundation of permaculture principles. The core of our business is about helping people and improving the planet through our work with fungi. We practice and educate about sustainable harvesting, leave-no-trace principles, and compassion for the environment." - John Michelotti aka Pop

John Michelotti, founder, and mycologist of Catskill Fungi, shared Robin Bacon’s write-up on specialty mushroom farming as a viable startup option for up-and-coming farmers. The workshop is being held online and in person on November 8, 2023.

Fungi -

New York City, NYForaging and Farming, a Blog and Digital Media platform for the food and agricultural industry, writes content for food producers around the globe. Setting up a mushroom business begins with sorting out start-up costs and market viability, whether through test markets, friends and family, or selling products at farmers' markets to get a sense of demand through surveys and social media - entrepreneurs begin where they get the most traction and sales opportunities.

John Michelotti, founder and mycologist of Catskill Fungi, highlighted the article to New York City teachers because “That is a great article; it is well-researched and written.” He asked permission to share the information with one of the largest school systems in the country. Foraging and Farming is grateful to John and his team for sharing informative and innovative ways to set up a mushroom farming operation.

The mushroom industry is seeking entrepreneurs willing to take a chance on propelling a new generation of specialty mushroom growers by infusing grants and microloans from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and organizations like Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) based out of The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at The University of Maryland. Cornell University’s Steve Gabriel is a solid resource for training and extension education at Cornell University.

Press Release - Catskill Fungi
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