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Fermentation Friday: Breaking Down Those Extra Berries For Blackberry Salad Dressing

“Philosophy is a state of fermentation a process without final outcome.” ~ Esa Saarinen

Summer Salad


Did you know that the cocoa bean is fermented into cocoa? Which is converted into chocolate and made into those delicious sweets we love. Fermenting or breaking down simple sugars is causing rot. Disgusted? Don’t be! Fermentation brings us pickles, sauerkraut, and even wine. We let fruit break down into salty and sour layers of umami, yum! Today, we will turn those leftover foraged blackberries into delicious salad dressing.

Making The Fermented Berries

Making fermented berries begins with a 1-quart Mason or Weck jar. Follow these easy steps to make the best-fermented fruit for your dressing.


  1. Take your leftover berries, 2 cups from the refrigerator and pour them into the glass jar.

  1. Add 2 Tablespoons of Starter Culture (Used to break down the fruit) - you can use any yogurt starter—or even honey.

  1. Room temperature Chlorine-free water, enough to cover the berries.

  1. One Tablespoon of organic raw sugar.

  1. Pack the jar with a fermentation weight - to keep the berries submersed for at least two weeks. Take pictures to track its progress, and don't be afraid to taste it or study the texture.


Making The Dressing

It’s the height of summer, edging our way into some hot August nights. What better way to use your decadent blackberries than in a fresh garden salad? Add red-leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and avocado to balance those fermented berries, black sesame seeds, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Let’s make a pint of dressing!

Isaac’s Jammin Blackberry Dressing

List of Ingredients

  1. 1 pint Ball jar, wide mouth.

  2. 4 Tablespoons of Fermented Blackberry Mixture.

  3. 1 Tablespoon of organic sugar.

  4. ⅓ cup of balsamic vinegar.

  5. ½ cup of Olive Oil.

  6. 1 Tablespoon of black sesame seeds, toasted.

  7. 1 Teaspoon of lemon zest.

  8. 1 Teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Pour the ingredients into the pint jar, cover and vigorously shake and chill. Pour over room temperature salad and enjoy!

Fermenting Blackberries

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