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4 Notable Craft Breweries In Asheville, North Carolina

“America's craft brewers know that beer, not wine, is the best beverage for accompanying a good meal.” — Rep. Nancy Johnson

Blue Ridge Mountains


Just northwest of Charlotte, off Highway 74, sits the city of Asheville. Driving up the mountain to an elevation of 2134 feet, born through the colorful and dense Mountain Laurel thickets; she presents with a subtle hello. Peeking through the evergreens, the fog clears and opens to a city of colorful beauty—an inspiration to writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe. Also home to the Vanderbilt mansion just down the way from town. The small artistic city feel fills you with a warm welcome and over 60 craft breweries; that’s a lot of competition. North Carolina is home to an estimated 392 beer producers, making almost 1 million barrels of beer annually. 15% of these craftspeople are in the Blue Ridge Mountains, serving up some amazing brew. Let’s meet five notable brewers up in the hills, creating tasty beer for a mature market like Asheville.

Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway

Twin Leaf Brewery

The Twin Leaf Brewing Company is dedicated to education and environmental conservation. In 2005, while Tim Web was working on his engineering degree, he began brewing beer, fermenting, and bottling in his backyard. That passion became a long-term project and business for him and his partners. By 2014, he launched the brewery and began to scale the business. They make Belgian, English, and American-style ales; there are 19 on their website. They are brewing American IPAs, a barrel-aged Brown Ale called Beorn’s Slumber. Located on the corner of Coxe and Banks Avenues, they are a cozy brewpub serving beer and snacks; bring your dogs!

Twin Leaf Brewery

New Origin Brewing

As you walk along the Swannanoa River on Thompson Street, watch for New Origin Brewing Company, launched by Dan Juhnke in 2021. Having brought a brewery in rural Minnesota to market in 2013, this wasn’t his first start-up venture. He came with the skill and abilities to create a new brewing company, staying on the cutting edge of brewing techniques. A 7-barrel production plant, making everything from a slushie seltzer for hot summer days to Birthday Stacks, a whiskey barrel-aged Florida Style Stout, conditioned on Moose Mountain Maple Syrup from Underhill, Vermont. His current list offers a dry New England IPA called Phasers On Stun dry and hoppy. I wonder where he sources his hops from?

Hoppy Beer

Thirsty Monk Brewery

Thirsty Monk Brewery is just down the way from Pritchard Park, a beautiful green space near the famous Deco Gecko statue. National media recognize Thirsty Monk as one of the best beer companies globally. The owner, Barry Bialik, founded Thirsty Monk in 2008, selling tap beer from other brewhouses. A few years later, he launched his brand, focusing on Belgians, naming his brew after his kids. His rotating tap list offers 10-12 beers on tap any day of the week, including two hard seltzers, Piña Colada and Margarita. You can find the Thirsty Monk brewery and restaurant when traveling to Denver or Portland.

Brewing Beer

Sweeten Creek Brewing

When traveling around Asheville, just northeast of Biltmore Forest, you will stumble upon Sweeten Creek Brewing Company, founded by Joey and Erica Justice. In what might be described as an inconspicuous building, but once inside, you walk into the taproom, the smell freshly brewed beer on a beautiful Fall day. Their beer list is chock full of malty beverages, including the brew - One Quad To Rule Them All; a Blood Orange, Carmel, Boozy Belgian Quad! Today, they partner with Bear's Smokehouse for delicious bites and some truly smokey meats.


Wrapping It Up

The top five growing industries boosting Asheville are advanced manufacturing, science and technology, healthcare, education, and small business. Asheville is home to over 100,000 residents, living and working to build upon their successes and expand their global reach.

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